ULI San Diego/Tijuana - Ask Me Anything with Julia Chase


2023-03-29T17:30:00 - 2023-03-29T19:30:00

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    Park & Rec Will open in a new window 4612 Park Blvd San Diego, CA 92116-2629 UNITED STATES
    Julia Chase is the Chief Resilience Officer for the City of San Diego, the 8th largest city in the United States and the 2nd largest in California. As the first CRO for San Diego, Julia will lead implementation of Climate Resilient SD, a comprehensive climate adaptation and resilience plan to address climate change driven hazards such as wildfire, heat, sea level rise, and precipitation driven flooding. Julia’s role goes beyond risk mitigation however to find innovative and collaborative ways to ensure San Diego communities can thrive in a changing climate. Julia will speak to what exactly a CRO does and why cross functional coordination, partnerships, and inclusivity are keys to success. Julia is highly passionate about working in the climate space and will share her career journey and how to build personal resilience in your career.

    Park & Rec 4612 Park Blvd San Diego, CA 92116-2629 UNITED STATES

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