Pro Bono TAPs

The Pro Bono Technical Assistance Panel or Pro Bono TAP brings together a panel of ULI Young Leaders with expertise in planning, development and redevelopment of land and the ownership, management and financing of real property, specifically related to the designated study area.

Pro Bono TAPs

ULI has been providing advisory services since 1947, so our members know this process well, and it works! Unlike the Technical Assistance Panels (TAPs) the District Council conducts for public agencies, where a fee is paid to cover the administrative costs of the TAP, the Young Leaders Group  TAP is for charitable organizations and the administrative services are provided pro bono.

Born out of YLG members’ desire to do more for local charities, the ULI San Diego-Tijuana Young Leaders Group is organizing the first-ever Pro Bono TAP.  The Pro Bono TAP will be comprised of a panel of YLG members, who collectively have varied and broad experience and knowledge applicable to a particularly challenging real estate and/or land use issue.  The Pro Bono TAP process includes identification of a local charity and its issue, review of the site and background materials, and a one day meeting at the site.  The final result will be a comprehensive written report describing the panel’s activities with recommendations that cover land use, legal, financial, design and related topics.

Please click the link to download the Request for Charitable Organizations.  For questions please contact YLG Pro Bono TAP Committee Chair Justine Nielsen at

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