Village at Pacific Highlands Ranch

Project Team:

Mee-Sun Joe, Vice President, Coast Income Properties, Inc.

Randi Coppersmith, Sr. Principal, Latitude 33 Planning and Engineering
John Eardensohn, Sr. Principal, Latitude 33 Planning and Engineering
Matt Semic, Principal, Latitude 33 Planning and Engineering
Katie Yee, CRO, Latitude 33 Planning and Engineering

Sydney Connell, Project Manager, Affirmed Housing

Beth Binger, President, BCI

Village at Pacific Highlands Ranch

The Village at Pacific Highlands Ranch is a mixed-use development that brings commercial retail, high-density residential, civic and park uses together as the pedestrian-friendly core of the town center for a neo-traditional master planned community in northern San Diego. The multi-use, urban village includes 252 market rate residential condominiums and 79 affordable residential units (331 total units), 195,000 square feet of commercial space, a library and a civic use area. The Village implements the founding goal of the Pacific Highlands Ranch Subarea Plan, the community plan for this area, by conserving the Multiple Habitat Preservation Area to preserve valuable open spaces and encourage wildlife movement. It also implements an instrumental goal of the Subarea Plan to utilize pedestrian-oriented development principals as the basis for development forms.

The Village clearly exemplifies this by providing a community that includes a variety of housing types and affordability ranges which are supported by a mixture of commercial and employment uses that are accessible by transit, bicycle, and foot. High density and design of the Village provides an area of high pedestrian activity, recreation, robust commercial activity, and civic engagement. The civic space is designed to preserve the views to the Santa Monica Ridge. It is the front door of the residential units and is designed to be multi-functional so that many different activities/events may take place. The civic space also includes a dog-park which was found in the community engagement to be a highly desired amenity. In addition to these public spaces, a 20-acre public park is located across the street from the Village, providing a wonderful passive and active recreational opportunity to the residents, patrons, and employees of the Village.

The Village is making a significant difference in the lives of the people living in the community. It is providing a place to live, recreate, socialize, learn, work, shop, and dine, all within a walkable, impeccably designed space. Architecture of the Village at Pacific Highlands Ranch is designed to reflect the Monterey style of Santa Barbara’s State Street shopping district. With shops opening up to the sidewalk, outdoor seating, high arches, enhanced paving and clock towers, the Village serves as a gathering place for the community. It has provided an opportunity for community members to engage in diverse activities within their neighborhood, many of which are a short walk or bike ride away. A sense of place is created by the pedestrian scale architecture, the articulation of the buildings, the multi-modal streets, the grand civic space, the enhanced pedestrian facilities, and the mix of uses in a compact area.