ULI in Action

With the help of our member-volunteers, ULI San Diego-Tijuana is able to make a difference in local communities, shape policies, and drive change. There are always new ways to get involved and take your ULI San Diego-Tijuana membership to the next level.

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ULI in Action

ULI neither lobbies nor advocates for any one point of view. At the state, local, and regional level, ULI San Diego-Tijuana addresses community building and land use issues through Community Outreach programs. Through these programs, ULI members collaborate with other stakeholders — on smart growth, workforce housing, regional cooperation, urban revitalization, sustainability, transportation and other topics — to implement consensus- based solutions for better communities. Community Outreach enables local ULI leaders to identify challenges to better development, feature best practices from across the country and devise new solutions to improve land use patterns.

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