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Street Smarts 2019

It has been nearly twelve years since I got involved with ULI. I first joined as a student, then as a practitioner, and now serve as the executive director. After all this time, I am confident that the mission-focused work of the institute has never been more important.

Our communities, the industry, and the way we work are rapidly changing. There is a collision between the physical and the digital. Suburbs are reinventing themselves, and consumer behavior is changing the way we design and think about space. ULI is staying on the forefront of all the forces that are transforming our communities. As a result, the ULI community is improving that quality of life for people all over the world.

I invite you to learn more about the impact that ULI is having by Leading Change. The FY18 annual report gives us insight on the people, places, projects, and the impact the institute is having. The Annual Report reveals the larger story about how ULI members are sharing knowledge, building leadership, and delivering impact.

Through this newsletter, we strive to highlight the impact ULI is having locally. We know that many of you are involved in so many organizations and positively impacting communities. Please share your stories and we will do our best to share them with the greater ULI community.

Warm Regards,
Heather Foley
Executive Director, ULI San Diego – Tijuana

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