Mesa Commons Bookstore and Cafeteria

Project Team:

Gayla Pierce, Mesa College

Keith Pittsford, Vice President, SGPA Architecture and Planning
Roxanna Kreisler, Project Manager, SGPA Architecture and Planning

Ben Dalton, Project Designer, Miller Hull
Caroline Kreiset, Project Principal, Miller Hull

David McCullough, Principal, McCullough Landscape Architecture

Hope-Amundson Structural Engineers
Latitude 33 Planning & Engineering

Mesa Commons Bookstore and Cafeteria

The new 73,000 SF Mesa Commons project serves as a student hub and gateway to the Mesa College campus; it includes two cafeterias, campus bookstore, convenience store, café, Culinary Arts Management labs, classrooms, student run M-Fusion Dining Café, lounge spaces, conference rooms, campus stockroom, mail and reprographics services. SGPA and Miller Hull teamed on the project to seamlessly blend these diverse programs together to create a vibrant and inviting destination.

This design-build project for the San Diego Community College District is unique in its sustainable and highly effective design, which provides the college with a successful retail and education-centric facility. The building is the first on the campus to house cisterns, through which 100% of the site’s irrigation needs are provided by collection of reclaimed refrigeration condensate water and rain water. An organic roof garden is also supported by this reclaimed water source. The rooftop garden is used by the Culinary Arts Management department to provide produce for the building’s student run café and support the healthy farm-to-table concept. Additionally, multiple solar chimneys, radiant floor heating/cooling and a substantial solar thermal array all make this building stand out for energy efficiency and passive comfort.

SGPA incorporated various modern amenities into Mesa Commons lifestyle hub that will inspire visitors to learn, socialize, and eat healthy!