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Awards Instructions

Submission Deadline

Please submit all Entries by Monday, April 10, 2017

All submissions must be emailed to:


Please contract ULI San Diego Tijuana

Awards Instructions


For decades, ULI has recognized outstanding people and projects that promote best practices in in development, land use policy and leadership.  ULI San Diego – Tijuana is following this illustrious tradition with our 2nd Annual Healthy Places Awards.  Award-winning projects will incorporate development and planning principles that utlize elements designed to enhance the physical, social, mental and environmental well-being of people where they live, work and play.

ULI launched the Healthy Places Initiative in July of 2013.  The initiative is a multi-faceted program that includes programming, advisory activities, publications and research that leverages ULI’s global network to shape projects and places that improve health and well-being of people and communities.  Locally, the healthy places initiative has become a cornerstone of ULI San Diego – Tijuana’s program of work.   Within the context of the healthy places initiative, our District Council explores in the intersection of food and real estate, housing affordability solutions, smart building and smart city technologies that address community issues with innovative sustainable solutions and transportation and infrastructure solutions that support active transportation options.

On Thursday, May 18, ULI San Diego – Tijuana will recognize built projects, a planned and approved project, a local policy and a local practitioner the have contributed to places that support healthy lifestyle options.  Award-winning projects and policy will promote economic vibrancy, environmental and public health goals.

Nominations will be accepted now through Monday, April 10, 2017.

Jury members may contact submission nominators to arrange a site visit, verify information, or conduct an in-person interview if necessary.



2017 Nomination Criteria

Projects / Land Use Policy

  • Development projects and policies located anywhere within San Diego – Tijuana Baja region;
  • Projects and policies that have been built, planned or implemented from January 1, 2012 through March 31, 2017;
  • Entries should have a high standard of excellence in design, economic viability, marketing and management;
  • Entries should solve complex land use, development and policy challenges which may include healthy and affordable housing options, preservation or creation of open space / agricultural land, investment in active transportation, infrastructure and facilities (i.e. utilities and bike lanes);
  • Entries should demonstrate success in or intent to transform human behavior  for improved physical, mental and social well-being through the built environment;
  • Entries should demonstrate financial viability and if possible a quantifiable ROI directly attributed to the incorporation to healthy options;
  • Entries should be worthy of emulation; and
  • The ULI San Diego – Tijuana awards are open to all eligible applicants and not dependent on ULI membership.

2017 Nomination Criteria for Visionary Award

  • ULI San Diego Tijuana will recognize outstanding leadership in land use policy, design and development fields;
  • Nominees must currently work in the public, private or non-profit sector in a related field;
  • Nominees must demonstrate how his/her personal and professional goals embody ULI’s commitment to sensible land use, civic spirit, community involvement and impact on the local market;
  • Nominations must include bio, resume and two letters of support; and
  • Nominees need not be a ULI member.