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NEXT EVENT: 6 Essential Practices for High Performing Leaders

April 12, 2017
11:30 am - 1:30 pm

We are pleased to inform you of our upcoming April NEXT event on Wednesday, April 12th from 11:30-1:30pm.  This event is for leaders and managers looking to bring out the best in your team, meet performance goals and enjoy a great life!

kellimccauleyheadshot2014-edited2Join us as we learn from acclaimed Leadership Consultant  Kelli McCauley about the 6 Essential Practices for High Performing Leaders.

In this engaging presentation, Kelli will share proven practices on what accelerates effectiveness, amplifies team performance and impacts your ability to design a great life outside of work.  Curated from 16 years of working closely with top leaders inside of Fortune 100 companies, start-ups and every level in-between, she will share lessons from Wall Street to Main Street, to help you achieve your personal and professional goals!  In this hour program, get ready to roll up your sleeves while Kelli covers the 6 Essential Practices for High Performing Leaders.  Do you want to advance your career success without compromising yourself or your lifestyle?  Then don’t miss our upcoming program.

Ascend: The 6 Essential Practices of High Performing Leaders

  1. Discover Your Leadership Blueprint
  2. Dream Big
  3. Ignite Your High Performance Team
  4. Navigate Win-Win Negotiations & High Stakes Conversations
  5. Expand, Advance, & Up-level
  6. Happy, Healthy Leader


Want to join NEXT? Fill out the application today! 

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