Binational Initiative

The ULI San Diego - Tijuana District Council has been binational since its conception in 1990. Local ULI leadership formed the Binational Initiative in recognition of the unique cross-border opportunities that exist in our region.

Binational Initiative



To enhance the connection between San Diego and Baja California, and increase binational awareness and participation in the San Diego-Tijuana District Council.


Enhance the Connection

  • Organize Binational Networking Events and Meetings on both sides of the border.
  • Encourage programs highlighting Economic, Design and Arts & Culture trends that connect people and places on both sides of the border.
  • Make the “binational perspective” part of the conversation in all programs when possible.


  • Highlight the Value of ULI to potential members from Baja California.
  • Improve Value Proposition to existing members from Baja California.
  • Attract New Members.

For more information and on how to get involved, contact the Binational Initiative Co-Chairs:

Miguel Marshall

Centro VenturesEmail Me(52) 1 664-311-5822

Alex Alemany

Hub and Spoke CommunitiesEmail Me(619) 231-1910