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Downtowns Matter

  By Edward T. McMahon Edward T. McMahon is the Chairman of the NMSC Board of Directors. He also holds the Charles Fraser Chair on Sustainable Development and is a Senior Resident Fellow at the Urban Land Institute in Washington, D.C., where he leads the organization’s worldwide efforts to conduct research and educational activities related to environmentally sensitive develop- ment policies and practices. He is also a senior staff adviser for ULI’s Building Healthy Places Initiative, and is a sought- after speaker and thinker on land use and economic development trends. McMahon is the … Read More

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Housing in the Evolving U.S. Suburbs

By Trisha Riggs December 5, 2016 U.S. suburban housing markets are well positioned to remain preferred places to live and work over the coming decades, even as many urban cores and downtown neighborhoods continue to attract new residents and businesses, says a new report from the ULI Terwilliger Center. Suburbs are not monolithic, according to the report, titled Housing in the Evolving American Suburb, which is based on a new analytic framework for classifying suburbs developed by RCLCO. The report classifies and compares suburbs in the 50 largest metropolitan areas in the … Read More

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